Developing the next generation of resistojets

STAR thruster: the next-generation resistojet propulsion 

Super-high Temperature Additive-manufactured Resistojet. In the photo: assembly of a STAR Engineering Model thruster made in a nickel metal alloy. 

STAR EM model refractory metal


Key Features



High performance

Highest performance resistojet thanks to its innovative and patented heater (Isp > 80 s with xenon)

Simple design

Made from few components, including a highly efficient and high-temperature additive-manufactured heater

Simple PCU

Prototype PCU model under development with supply unregulated voltage of 28 V


Tested in lab environment for over 6,000 heating cycles


Large propellant choice, including xenon, water and ammonia

High thrust

Highest thrust-to-power ratio amongst all Electric Propulsion systems (1.7 mN/W or 590 W/N with xenon)

Scalable production

STAR thruster is extremely scalable in production due to its simple design, absence of weld joints and simple PCU