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pioneering spacecraft

We provide the satellite market with a breakthrough in electric propulsion technology by delivering increasingly reliable and high performance resistojets.

Our Mission

OhmSpace aims to provide a full range of in-space propulsion systems for nano to large platforms, enabling new kinds of missions.

Through the commercialisation of our multi-propellant, high-thrust electric engine, we will enable the use of extra-terrestrial propellant resources to massively reduce the cost of logistics between the Moon, Mars, Earth, and asteroids.

The future of infrastructure is in space.


We offer the highest performance resistojet on the market.

An electric propulsion system that produces better performance than chemical propulsion but using water.

The underlying innovation of our technology is our patented ultra-compact electric heater made possible through metal 3D printing.

Heater Cycling Lifetime
0 K
Maximum Operating Temperature
Engineering Model Thrusters
Technology Readiness Level

Our first product, STAR Water, uses low pressure water propellant removing the hazard of chemical propulsion alternatives while providing better thrust-to-power ratio than electric propulsion competitors. STAR Water is flexible as it can use a large range of alternative propellants, including xenon (tested), ammonia and iodine. Each one comes with their own benefits.


Our technology enables the quickest ROI compared to electric propulsion alternatives, including Hall Effect Thrusters. STAR Water delivers a 10x higher thrust-to-power ratio at a fraction of the cost.

We conceived our system for mass production to supply constellation missions by reducing the assembly to a few components manufactured via metal additive manufacturing technologies.

Assembly and system simplicity means high reliability and production consistency. We have tested eight Engineering Model thrusters with xenon propellant for thousands of cycles, verifying and exceeding typical mission requirements.

Tests on eight engineering models thrusters exceeded the typical mission requirements.

We offer the highest performance resistojet on the market.

Multi propellant capabilities, including water, xenon, ammonia and iodine.

We can print parts for twenty thrusters in one week with one metal printer.

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Dr Federico Romei

Founder and CEO

Dr Federico Romei is the inventor and developer of the technology and now leads the vision and execution of OhmSpace. Federico is a RAEng Enterprise Fellow and holds a PhD in spacecraft electric propulsion from the University of Southampton and two aerospace engineering degrees from the University of Bologna. Federico has ten years of experience in researching and managing collaborative research projects with industrial partners.

Matteo Careddu

Co-Founder and COO

Matteo Careddu is implementing the future production system of OhmSpace. Matteo holds two Aerospace Engineering degrees from the University of Bologna and has ten years of experience in the Automotive Industry, most of them at Stellantis OEM, working on international and inter-companies projects, covering different management roles within quality and manufacturing areas.

We Did Not Come To Fear The Future

We Came Here To Shape It

The development of OhmSpace’s innovative thruster technology started with the PhD of Federico Romei with his supervisor Dr Angelo Grubisic in 2014.

In 2019, after securing a National Space Technology Programme flagship grant for the technology development from the UK Space Agency, Angelo unfortunately passed away. However, Federico decided not to allow the project to fall apart. His passion has taken the research outcomes further and given birth to the company after securing an additional grant for the development of a demonstrator of OhmSpace's first product.

OhmSpace was set up to allow 8 years of research innovations to come to life. Our resistojet technology offers a previously unseen combination of efficiency, low cost and reliability. The purpose of OhmSpace is to prevent the satellite market from stagnation and to realize pioneering solutions for advancing access to space.

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